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Swing Music

Enjoy your music in a beautiful and modern UI

Beautiful and fast music streaming server.

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What is this?

Swing Music is a beautifully designed, self-hosted music streaming server. Like a cooler Spotify ... but bring your own music.


Here are some cool features offered by Swing Music

Album versions

Infer album version info (deluxe, etc) from the album title and use it to group albums

Related artists

Discover new music by exploring similar artists in the artist page

Related albums

Discover new albums by exploring similar albums in the album page

Cute UI

Designed to be simple and beautiful. It is a pleasure to look at. Check out the screenshots!

Folder browser

Browse your library by folders. It's the most natural way to organize your music.

Browser Based

No bundled GUI, no memory hogging Electron. Just load the UI in your favorite browser.

Fuzzy search

You can't always get spelling right. It handles typos and misspellings like a champ.

Duplicates handling

It can detect and hide duplicate tracks from your library. The track with the highest bitrate is preferred.

More to come soon

Swing Music is still a young project, and there's a lot of cool features to come in future releases. Stay tuned!


Wanna try it?

Swing Music is available as pre-compiled binaries for Linux and Windows. Check out the project README for instructions to set up Docker or build from source.

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A labor of love built by Mungai Njoroge